Cash credit from abroad

In the search for Credit Bureau-free financing, the consumer often comes across advertising that promises a cash credit from abroad. This is a real opportunity for consumers with poor credit ratings. A loan from abroad can be used to finance many a wish if German banks have already refused a loan.

Apply for a loan from abroad conveniently

In order to apply for a cash loan from abroad, the loan seeker does not have to put up with long journeys. You can apply for this loan online in a few minutes, conveniently from your desk. However, the bank has corresponding requirements so that a loan application can also be approved. Although these loans are actually Credit Bureau-free, no collateral is waived.

A permanent, permanent and permanent employment relationship is essential. The income should be above the garnishment exemption limit. If the loan seeker also lives permanently in Germany, there are real opportunities for a cash loan from abroad. After the submitted documents have been checked, the loan amount will be transferred. If you do not want this, you can also request a cash payment. This is then done by the postman.

The risks and the opportunities

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With this loan there is also the risk that the bank will reject it. The reasons for this are a low income or a seizure that is already running. In addition, the interest rates are significantly higher than for installment loans from Germany. This cash loan from abroad is also not flexible, because the monthly rate is as fixed as the term. The customer has no influence on it.

But loan seekers have real opportunities with this loan. It is the last chance to fill a financial gap. The Credit Bureau is not interested here. For this reason, a loan is not reported there. An increase is possible if a large part of the sum has always been paid on time.

The borrower gets his money completely anonymously, even if this is paid out by the postman. There is no notification to Credit Bureau or to other commercial companies. However, one should be aware of the fact that the installments must be paid on time. If this does not happen, the bank can have the attachable income attached to the employer. This could have professional consequences.


A loan from abroad is actually a good thing, apart from the higher interest rates and the lack of flexibility in repayment. Even a cash payment is possible, which has become unusual in Germany. For people with a negative credit rating there is no other choice either, because there is no longer any credit in Germany.

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